STEM-ED 210: Knowing & Learning

Our course schedule is here. You will need to use your Boise State Google Drive to access readings and homework.

This course is loosely chunked into 3 sections- one a week. The first week we will examine a range of theoretical frameworks for learning, and will emphasize constructivism and explore research and methods for building knowledge by leveraging students’ existing knowledge. The second week will emphasize social constructivism. We will explore research on and methods for engaging students in interaction with others in meaningful social contexts as part of how we learn. Our final week we will consider how linguistic and cultural diversity provide opportunities for teachers who adopt a social constructivist approach to their teaching, and methods for engaging all students in meaningful STEM learning.

Along the way, we will be practicing how those theories play out in classrooms — first as a learner, and then as a teacher. We will be teaching visiting high school students for two Fridays, and reflecting on how to create lessons and reflect on those through the various theoretical frameworks from class.

Information on grading is here.


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