Perspectives, Spring 2018

This is the website for students in STEM-Ed 220. Our syllabus for the course can be found here.  Below are links to information you will need for each week; it will be populated with more information throughout the semester. To view the links (most of which are stored on Google Drive) and to submit the homework you will need to be logged in to your Boise State account. Typically we will have a longer reading on the weekends, along with two written assignments, and a shorter homework assigned on Monday nights. Most of our readings we will do collaboratively in Perusall (if not, I will link the reading below). You should create an account on Perusall and add: ATKINS-ELLIOTT-8442 as your access code for this course.

Module 1: The Demarcation Problem
What is science? What is math?

February 12  sample curriculum

Day Reading to do tonight Homework due next class Other information
January 8 read/comment on
On BS through p.8
Homework 1 Harry Frankfurt on Jon Stewart
January 10 Umbrellaology Homework 2 link to full Umbrella paper; list of science
January 15 no class today
January 17 Seeing the Science Homework 3
January 24 in class today:
math (Sean #s)
science (Isaac’s wheels)
January 29  With an eye… Homework 4
January 31
February 5 Why do Americans… Survey
Homework 5
February 7 Homework 6
February 14 Homework 7 sample curriculum
February 21 Homework 8 in class work
February 28 Homework 9 final projects

Module 2: Applying to Curriculum


Day Reading to do tonight Homework due next class Other information
March 5 Complete a & c In class work
March 7  Homework 10
March 21  Homework 11
April 4  Homework 12 Doing the Lesson


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