This is the website for students in STEM-Ed 410 who will be working with Dr. Leslie Atkins Elliott. Our syllabus for the course can be found here.  Below are links to information you will need for each week; it will be populated with more information throughout the semester. To view the links (most of which are stored on Google Drive) and to submit the homework you will need to be logged in to your Boise State account. You should also buy Becoming a Responsive Science Teacher (no need to use that retailer – you can likely find it cheaper elsewhere).

August 22 – September 19: Collaborative Lesson Planning
building a coherent, rigorous unit on kinematics 

Day In class Reading due today Due next Tuesday
August 22 Video for today
unit planning 1
Chs 1 – 3 of BARST Survey 1 
Bad Apples hw
August 29 SBG
unit planning 2
Ch 4 of BARST
Survey 2
September 5 unit planning 3 Survey 3
September 12 unit planning 4 Survey 4
September 19 unit planning final Survey 5

September 26 – November 7
plan and teach two lessons in your mentor’s classroom

Day In class Reading Due next Tuesday
September 26 Survey 6
October 3 Survey 7
October 10 Survey 8
October 17 Survey 9
October 24 Survey 10
October 31 Survey 11
November 7 Survey 12

November 14 – December 5
Critical Friends Groups

Day In class Reading Due next Tuesday
November 14 Survey 13
November 28 Survey 14
December 5   Survey 15

 If you have thoughts about what to do differently next time, let me know.