Below are links to information you will need for each day. To view the links (which are stored on Google Drive) and to submit the homework you will need to be logged in to your Boise State account. You should also buy The ABCs of How We Learn (no need to use that retailer – you can likely find it cheaper elsewhere; if you’d rather not buy a book, you can borrow my copy to photocopy the relevant chapter).

You can also access the homework files here. In-class work can be put in this folder.

Week One: Constructivism
we construct ideas from the ideas we already have

Day In class Read tonight Do tonight
Monday, July 10

NOTE: Friday 1 – 4!

Learning Theories worksheet


Homework 1
Tuesday, July 11 discuss reading
Wonderful Ideas
Safety Policies
Standard Operating Procedures
Science: responsive
Math & engineering: HPL
Homework 2

* not hw: MakerLab class info.

Wednesday, July 12 discuss readings
prep for teaching:
Lo* (optional)
Brief (optional)
Homework 3
Thursday, July 13 discuss hw
invention tasks
lesson preparation
Schwartz (begin) Homework 4
Friday, July 14 class: 1 pm – 5 pm
teach: 1 – 4
debrief w/ snacks
Schwartz (finish) Homework 5

Week Two: Social constructivism
we do this socially, in ways that the disciplines construct and defend ideas

Day In class Read tonight Do tonight
Monday, July 17 Vygotsky
Hammer (science)
Schoenfeld (math)
sign up for ABCs
Homework 6
Tuesday, July 18 discuss readings
CLASS (see email)
Ball (math)
Russ et al (science)
Homework 7
Wednesday, July 19 video (and files)
ABC reading ABC project
Thursday, July 20 assessment finish ABC readings ABC project
(lesson plans)
Friday, July 21 Top 20
ABC’s reports/work
Commentary + one
Sign up sheet
Homework 10
Take a few IAT

Week Three: Cultural and linguistic diversity
we draw on students’ cultural and linguistic resources and we are aware of systemic barriers when we design these social constructivist classrooms

Day In class Read tonight Do tonight
Monday, July 24 present on HW10
schools & -isms
Stereotype threat HW 11
Tuesday, July 25  talking race Math anxiety


Wednesday, July 26   Preparing for CRP HW 13
Thursday, July 27 modify and prep lessons Culturally relevant
Culturally sustaining
lesson plan II
Friday, July 28 class 1 – 5
teach: 1 – 4
debrief w/ snacks
Class is done! 
HW 15: reflection

 If you have thoughts about what to do differently next time, let me know.

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