untitled-2I am a Professor of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies specializing in Science Education at Boise State University, where I also hold a courtesy appointment in Physics. My research focuses on fostering participation in the practices of science – particularly writing and design – and investigating how instruction can reduce barriers between classrooms and everyday life. My work with scientific practices emphasizes students’ rights to their own ideas, the value of their everyday experiences, and the emergence of scientific practices from disciplinary engagement with those ideas and experiences.

I work closely with preservice teachers in STEM as part of the IDoTeach program to recruit and prepare STEM teachers to meet the needs of Idaho public schools. In my research and my teaching I draw from my experience teaching high school and undergraduate science, my work with LessonLab and their TIMSS study, research in informal science as part of the TEAMS collaborative at the Montshire Museum of Science, and a background in experimental physics.

My commitment to science education stems from a love of science and a conviction that liberal education, publicly funded research, and academic debate are critical for a just democracy to thrive. I’m proud to work in a public university and prepare public school teachers.

I live in Boise with my daughter and two grumpy dogs.

My picture is not recent, but it is awesome.

CV is available here.